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Kim, Jong-Hoon
Kim, Do Yeon
Cardenas, Irvin
Kanyok, Nate
Shaker, Alfred
Lin, XiangXu
Richarson, Kody
Lee, Suho
Kim, Sung Kwan
Baza, Ahmed
Kim, Gaeun



1. Weekly schedule
2. ATR Guidelines
3. WRS
4. Present weekly reports
5. Abstract for Sprint Robotics Conference



1. Weekly schedule
1.1. Building a prototype of TeleBot2 starting on 2018-08-01
1.2. Picking up tools on 2018-08-01
2. ATR guidelines
2.1. GitHub: Refer to guidelines on ‘develop’ branch in ‘dev-guidelines’
2.1.1. Link:
3. WRS
3.1. Two pairs of operators
3.1.1. Tutorials about ROS and operation-related
3.2. Questions
3.2.1. Indoor or outdoor
3.2.2. Purpose of caster wheels
3.3. 3D map
3.3.1. Valve and guage specification
3.3.2. Caster wheels
3.3.3. Tank
3.4. More discussion about strategy
3.5. Roles
3.5.1. Localization: nkanyok; krichar Find location using GPS and beacon Optimization/error correction using other sensors Image processing and detection Safety manager: nkanyok
3.5.2. Locomotion: xlin Control with VR headset Calculate head orientation Read IMU sensors Safety manager (candidate): xlin
3.5.3. Vision: ashaker; skim Video streaming
3.5.4. Operational task: dkim; slee Control the robot Visualization
3.5.5. Design and manufacture: abaza Build prototype
3.5.6. System operation: icardena System magement
4. Present weekly reports
5. Abstract
5.1. Conference: Sprint Robotics
5.2. Submission
* Due: 18-07-31

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