RoboCup@Home 2023 Team

The ATR Lab has formed a team to compete in the RoboCup@Home challenge this year in Boreaux, France
RoboCup@Home Challenge + -

In short, “The RoboCup@Home league aims to develop service and assistive robot technology with high relevance for future personal domestic applications. It is the largest international annual competition for autonomous service robots”
RoboCup@Home Site

It is largely focused on the Human Robot Interaction aspect of modern robotics. This means that interactions between the robot and the user must feel natural and intuitive.

Our Vision for the RoboCup Challenge + -

This year, we are participating in the Standard Service Platform League (SSPL). Using the Softbank Pepper robot we seek to develop an adaptable robot for use in daily life. Our system for Pepper will be emotionally intelligent and support proactive interaction with the user. Through a combination of AI technologies like behavioral, emotional, and facial recognition Pepper will be able to infer actions and behave in a socially appropriate manner.

The Team + -

Our team consists of a variety of students, including international, graduate, and undergraduate students working under our mentor, Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim. This will be our first time participating in RoboCup@Home, however the lab is not new to the RoboCup competition. With participation in the rescue league in 2019 and numerous other competitions as well. The team looks forward to participating and excelling in this years competition.

Meet Pepper

Pepper is a humanoid robot meant to interact with YOU! Pepper is a social robot and has all kinds of capabilities. This includes recognizing you, how you feel, and household items as well as understanding instructions, being able to hold a conversation and more. For the RoboCup@Home SSPL, Pepper is the robot that all competitors will use. As a result, it is important that our Pepper stands out from the rest in how it interacts with you.




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League Contributions

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ATR – Kent State University

Our Team

Chris Gruska
Team Leader
Bailey Wimer
Community Outreach
Derron Ward
Robot Interaction Lead
Sophia Matar
Fundraising Manager
Maram Mahmoudi
Object Manipulation
Keith Machina
Object Recognition
Zina Kamel
Object Recognition Lead

Team Advisory Board

Dr Jong-Hoon Kim
Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim
ATR Lab Director
Mohammad Insanur Rahman Shuvo
HRI - Emotion Engine
Aditi Singh
AI Mentor