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Mission Statement

The mission of the Advanced Telerobotics Research (ATR) Laboratory at Kent State University is to develop and nourish next-generation technologies that will bring people from around the world closer together. These are technologies that relate closely to “Telepresence Robotics”, and “Immersive Experiences” such as those afforded by virtual reality.
But, as we develop these technologies, we believe that it is also critical to develop and nourish the next generation of young disruptors, leaders and innovators. From a social perspective, the ATR Lab is on a mission to promote diversity and empower students in STEM, and within multi-disciplinary studies, to become innovators and leaders within their local and global community. As part of our program – First and foremost, we provide students with hands-on experiences needed to solve real-world challenges so that they can build up their tangible skill sets. Secondly, we foster an entrepreneurial mind and skill-SETS through engaging projects that bridge technology and business perspectives. Thirdly, we train students intangible skills that are applicable at school and in the workforce. We believe that the latter points are important in order to give birth to a new generation of professionals who can proudly reflect the diversity of Northeast Ohio, and who will be a strong leading group for global community.