RoboCup 2022

The ATR Lab at Kent State University aims to compete in Thailand for the RoboCup Rescue Tournament.
About RoboCup Rescue + -

“RobocupRescue aims to increase awareness of the challenges involved in search and rescue applications, develop simulators to emulate search and rescue scenarios, develop intelligent agents and robots that are given the capabilities of the main actors in search and rescue scenarios, provide objective evaluation of robotic implementations in representative environments, and promote collaboration between researchers.”
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Our Vision for the RoboCup Challenge + -

For this year’s challenge, we propose the TeleBot 3D disaster robot. The robot is a special design for search and rescue tasks in diverse and abnormal environments. It combines a hybrid of a caterpillar and wheel based mobile base with an advanced humanoid upper body. It also gives an operator maximized situation awareness through a VR-based user-view interface containing a flexible and intuitive control interface.

The Team + -

This year’s team is being led by Saifuddin Mahmud, who is in charge of a dedicated group of graduate and undergraduate students in the Computer Science field, to tackle this challenge. The team’s mentor is Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim from the ATR Lab along with several graduate student advisors. For a complete list of team members and advisors please see below.

Our Vision: Context

The notion of telepresence and teleoperation is no longer science fiction. People use them in their daily lives for applications such as video chat, a simple version of telepresence. Remote PC control can be treated as teleoperation to help others fix some problems they face on their PC. Because of the physical limitations human beings share, we only have one body and cannot teleport to different places. We need a robot to complete specific tasks that we either physically cannot do or are too risky to do, such as running into a nuclear facility to save victims or operating a machine in a high radiation environment.

Image Source: RoboCup Rescue 2019, Sydney, Australia


Our Vision: Approach

For this challenge, we present the TeleBot-3R, built on our previous work to bring a more immersive, intuitive, and robust telerobotics system to life.
TeleBot-3R is a rescue-oriented humanoid telepresence semi-autonomous robot. It can conquer rough terrain and operate as a real human.
The key characteristics of our robot include (1) being transformable, which allow it to fit into different environments and perform different types of jobs; (2) possessing a Virtual Reality (VR) control system, which gives the user the immersive and intuitive interface compared to a transitional button control system; (3) having a sophisticated algorithm for manipulation and path planning, which enables precise control and autonomous features; (4) being built on a robust robotics system structure, which ensures we cover every aspect from robot development to real-life operations.

ATR – Kent State University

Our Team

Dr Jong-Hoon Kim
Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim
ATR Lab Director
Saifuddin Mahmud
Team Manager, AI / Vision Researcher
Stefan Hendricks
Undergraduate Student Leader, Student Researcher
Bailey Wimer
Student Researcher
Justin Dannemiller
Student Researcher
Sophia Matar
Student Researcher
Mariha Ahammed
Student Researcher
Mohamed Hedna
Student Researcher

Team Advisory Board

Dr Jong-Hoon Kim
Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim
ATR Lab Director
Xiangxu Lin
Project Mentor
Alfred Shaker
Virtual Reality Mentor