RoboCup 2019

ATR Lab at RoboCup 2019

ATR Lab will be flying to Sydney, Australia to take part in RoboCup 2019. This is a competition hosted by RoboCup Federation, which involves challenges using real robots and simulations. These challenges include soccer, and rescue. As our focus is to build a reliable robot and interfacing system for WRS 2020, starting with something here would help us reach our goals in the future. We aim to not only do well at the competition, but also more importantly use the knowledge we gain to help us in our future challenges.

ATR Lab will take part in two categories, the Rescue-Robot League and Rescue-Simulation League.

“In the Rescue Robot League, robots search for several victims placed in a simulated field of a disaster site and discover and rescue them. These robots have mechanisms for both operator control and autonomous operation. They are also equipped with devices such as a camera, a temperature sensor, and a carbon dioxide sensor. Competitors are scored on various factors such as the number of obstacles the robot overcomes, the number of victims it finds, and the number of operators involved.

For example, the competition tests navigation and negotiation—or autonomous negotiation if the robot is an autonomous type—such as passing through a ragged disaster site and overcoming rotating pipes obstructing the way. Tasks may include those that require the robot to overcome a vertical obstacle by using a bar in a slanting position to propel itself, to push or pull open and pass through doors, or to perform dexterous actions such as touching, rotating and unlatching.” – RoboCup2019 Website

“The Rescue Simulation League holds simulator-based rescue competitions simulating a major disaster that has occurred in an urban area built on a computer. The competition requires players to deploy rescue, fire-fighting, and road patrol teams called “agents” to search for and rescue people in need of help.” – RoboCup2019 Websit

Simulation Application

RoboCup Rescue 2019
TDP Virtual Robot Simulation