RoboCup Rescue 2023

The ATR Lab has formed a team to compete in the RoboCup Rescue challenge this year in Boreaux, France
RoboCup Rescue Challenge + -

In emergency disaster scenarios, responding quickly and completing critical tasks, such as saving victims, is often challenging due to the inherent danger of the disaster environment. Robotic systems could help solve this issue, but several factors still limit their adoption.

Robocup Rescue Robot League is an international league that seeks to address this issue by providing an open stage for the demonstration and development of advanced robotic capabilities in emergency response scenarios.

Robocup Rescue Overview

Teams participating in this league demonstrate the approaches they have taken and compete to identify the effectiveness of various methods.

Our Vision for the RoboCup Rescue Challenge + -

In this year’s challenge, we are deploying our Telebot-3R robot. The Telebot-3R is a semi-autonomous telepresence robot that relies on a humanoid structure and an intuitive control system to provide an effective and widely accessible tool for emergency response scenarios. We are currently improving¬† the Telebot-3R by incorporating greater autonomy in its operations. By incorporating a wide set of AI technologies, such as joint angle estimation and automated navigation, the Telebot-3R will offer greater independence from its human operators.

The Team + -

Our team consists of a variety of students, including international, graduate, and undergraduate students working under our mentor, Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim. Our team competed in RoboCup Rescue challenge in 2019, as well as WRS 2018 and 2020. We have demonstrated excellence in these previous competitions, and we aim to achieve similar success in this year’s RoboCup Rescue competition.

Introducing the Telebot-3R

The Telebot-3R is a humanoid semi-autonomous telepresence robot which offers a robust, intuitive interface for controlling its operation. It employs a highly adaptable mechanical structure to provide adaptability and effectiveness in wide variety of environments. Moreover, the Telebot-3R offloads much of its operation to autonomously-controlled processes and integrates a VR and mannequin interface, making its operation widely accessible and easy to learn!

The video above demonstrates a few of Telebot-3R’s capabilities. Our team is currently in the process of creating a more in-depth video displaying the Telebot-3R completing a RoboCup Rescue mission!

Fully-assembled Telebot-3R



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League Contributions

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ATR – Kent State University

Our Team

Justin Dannemiller
Team Leader
Bailey Wimer
Robot Design
Mohammad Shahin
Mapping and Navigation
Stefan Hendricks
Software Development Lead
Ikrame Rekabi
Human-Robot Interface
Sean Peters
Object Manipulation
Mustafa Alsenaidi
Hardware Design

Team Advisory Board

Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim
Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim
ATR Lab Director
Mohammad Insanur Rahman Shuvo
Automated Perception
Mohammad Insanur Rahman Shuvo
Object Detection
Aditi Singh
AI Mentor