K-12 Program

Robotics Summer Camp

K-12 Robotics Workshop

A part of the ATR vision is to provide a place for ideas to blossom, including those of students and educators in the K-12 realm.
We aim to be a leader in providing K-12 students and educators with opportunities to develop their STEM skills and knowledge by becoming lab collaborators.

Opportunities for Students:

We currently have 3 high school interns working in the lab.
We are always seeking out highly qualified students who are interested in robotics to take on roles on the team.

Please email atrlab.kent@gmail.com for more information.

Opportunities for Educators:

As STEM education becomes more and more essential for students, providing real world exposure to professionals and academics working in those fields is an important mission for teachers.
We offer demos, learning sessions, and workshops. We would love to work with you to customize an experience for your students!

Please email atrlab.kent@gmail.com for more information.