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Platform For Creating New Ideas

The laboratory provides students with the hands-on experiences they need to solve real-world challenges, develops student-led research opportunities, fosters studentsā€™ entrepreneurial skills, and trains a new generation of IT professionals who reflect the diversity of North East Ohio.
VR Simulation Chair Dr Jong-Hoon Kim, Irvin Cardenas, Dr. Gokarna Sharma
Virtual Reality

VR Flight Simulator

Exploring the development of an affordable, immersive, flight simulator. Current development of the system includes integration with unmanned aerial vehicles and the use case of immersive drone racing.<br /> All hardware and software is being open-sourced along with design documents of the system.

Planning & Decision Making

MOVR: An Autonomous Last-Mile Vehicle

MOVR is an open-source last-mile autonomous delivery vehicle. IT is being developed using off-the-shelve components. Current development include integration with the Uber API, continuous re-planning of trajectories and intuitive interfaces.

MOVR Autonomous Vehicle by Irvin Cardenas
DoubleRobot Dr Kim
Teleprese, Tele-embodiment, Human-Robot Interaction

Gesture-Enabled Robot

Review on Telepresence

Testing the boundaries of


An innovation research laboratory focused on exploring the frontiers of telepresence robotics, tele-embodiment, autonomy and artificial intelligenceĀ 

Current Project

Immersed Pilot Training Simulator

The goals of our immersed pilot training simulator is to create an environment for student pilots that provides the experience of flying in the real world without putting an expensive aircraft at risk. Through our VR headset and realistic control panel, a student pilot will be able to maneuver a UAV through conditions in the real world, as opposed to in a fully simulated flight environment, testing a pilots ability to respond to unpredictable circumstances and problems.