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Attendees: Kim, Jong-Hoon Kim, Do Yeon Cardenas, Irvin Kanyok, Nate Shaker, Alfred Lin, XiangXu Richarson, Kody Lee, Suho Kim, Sung Kwan Baza, Ahmed Kim, Gaeun   Agenda: 1. Weekly schedule 2. ATR Guidelines 3. WRS 4. Present weekly reports 5. Abstract for Sprint Robotics Conference   Summary: 1. Weekly schedule 1.1. Building a prototype of TeleBot2 starting on 2018-08-01 1.2. Picking up tools on 2018-08-01 2. ATR guidelines 2.1. GitHub: Refer to guidelines on 'develop' branch in 'dev-guidelines' 2.1.1. Link: https://github.com/ATR-Lab/dev-guidelines/tree/develop 3. WRS 3.1. Two pairs of operators 3.1.1. Tutorials about ROS and operation-related 3.2. Questions 3.2.1. Indoor or outdoor 3.2.2. Purpose of...