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Updates on our meetings

Attendees: Kim, Jong-Hoon Kim, Do Yeon Cardenas, Irvin Kanyok, Nate Shaker, Alfred Lin, XiangXu Richarson, Kody Lee, Suho Kim, Sung Kwan Baza, Ahmed Kim, Gaeun Levina, Anna   Agenda: 1. Lab administration works 2. Welcome new members 3. Lab events 4. Conference 5. Present weekly reports Summary: 1. Lab administration works 1.1. Parts and equipments 1.2. Robotics Kits from the lab on the first floor 1.3. Rules 1.4. Cleaning day: Every Monday after the lab meeting 1.5. Staff meeting: Every Monday at 10:00 AM 1.6. Weekly meeting: Every Monday at 10:30 AM 2. Welcome a new member 2.1. Anna Levina...