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Kim, Jong-Hoon
Kim, Do Yeon
Cardenas, Irvin
Kanyok, Nate
Shaker, Alfred
Lin, XiangXu
Richarson, Kody
Lee, Suho
Kim, Sung Kwan
Baza, Ahmed
Kim, Gaeun
Levina, Anna



1. Lab administration works
2. Welcome new members
3. Lab events
4. Conference
5. Present weekly reports


1. Lab administration works
1.1. Parts and equipments
1.2. Robotics Kits from the lab on the first floor
1.3. Rules
1.4. Cleaning day: Every Monday after the lab meeting
1.5. Staff meeting: Every Monday at 10:00 AM
1.6. Weekly meeting: Every Monday at 10:30 AM
2. Welcome a new member
2.1. Anna Levina (alevina@kent.edu): Public relation and outreach activity management
2.2. Gaeun Kim(): Designer and illustrator
3. Lab events
3.1. WRS team meeting: At 10:30 AM on 2018-07-17
3.2. Lab tour: At 1:30-2:30 PM on 2018-07-20
3.3. Field trip: To Niagara Fall on 2018-07-21
3.4. Field trip: To Washington DC for 1 night 2 days
3.5. Field trip: To Argonne Lab
4. Conference
4.1. Sprint Robotics
4.1.1. Abstract submittion by 2018-07-31 Presentation title Authours Contact information of the corresponding author Abstract (max 250 words) Biographical information Contact information: Niels Westendorp – niels.westendorp@sprintrobotics.org
4.1.2. Conference dates: 2018-11-13 – 2018-11-14 (Galvestone, TX, USA)
4.1.3. Website: http://www.sprintrobotics.org/conference/
5. Present weekly reports
5.1. WRS team progress
5.2. Localization
5.3. VR/TR team
5.4. User interface, motion tracking & sensing
5.5. Design team

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