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Design of an Intelligent Robotic Audio System for Smart Home Environment

ShinyPearl Kona1, Nathaniel Butler2, Rajesh Vijayasekar3, Worlanyo Adzimah4, Jong-Hoon Kim5 Discovery Lab, Florida International University, U.S.A. 1skona005@fiu.edu, 2nbutl008@fiu.edu, 3rvija001@fiu.edu, 4wadzi001@fiu.edu, 5kimj@cis.fiu.edu (Tel: 1-305-348-3751, Fax: 1-305-348-3549)


ABSTRACT We are not far from having everything in our homes automated including a smart audio system. As we explore the possibilities for smart audio systems, the findings will not only enhance a listener’s listening experience but also push Home Audio Systems to the next level of development. More specifically, the issue with the present Home Audio Systems is that they are static and are not capable of directing sound towards the listener’s location.

In pursuit of a solution to this issue we propose an inexpensive yet efficient approach. The Smart Audio System triangulates the listener’s location and adjusts the angle of focus of the speaker to point towards the related position of the listener. In order to accomplish this we will be adopting popular indoor location detection techniques. Furthermore, a sensor will be located in the room collecting the location and the distance of the listener.

In the future work we are expecting to incorporate further advancements of the prototype such as the capabilities to interconnect with other systems of the home automation system using the location of the user.