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Robotic Exoskeleton System Controlled by Kinect and Haptic Sensors for Physical Therapy

Daniela ChavezGuevara, Student Member, IEEE, Giuseppe Vietri, Mangai Prabakar and Jong-Hoon Kim, Member, IEEE


Abstract— Exoskeleton systems have been used to provide treatment to people with temporal paralysis. Control strategies to control the exoskeleton’s motion for the patients and coordinating their muscle response are effective but cannot retrieve force feedback or the paraplegic limb’s position. We propose an innovative control system by which therapists can easily operate the exoskeleton based on force feedback and limb’s position retrieval. Kinect and Haptic sensors have been implemented in order to retrieve the angle position values of each movement and the applied forces needed to perform each motion. Although we are still in the prototyping stage, our control system is proven to be successful.