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GerminatorBot-19 + -

Design and development of a social robot for fostering cooperation with COVID-19 public health measures.

This project will study the efficacy of GerminatorBot-19 for fostering cooperation with COVID-19 health measures in KSU students and secondary (middle and high school) students. The COVID-19 health measures will include mask-wearing, proper hygiene (e.g., using hand sanitizer and disinfecting high-touch surfaces like mobile phones and computer keyboards), and daily health checks (e.g., temperatures and symptom checklists)

Project Goals + -

The project pursues three goals:
1. Design: Design an innovative educational social robot that promotes compliance with COVID-19 public health measures.
2. Scientific inquiry: Study the efficacy of GerminatorBot-19 in fostering compliance with COVID-19 health measures and the impact of users’ individual characteristics and attitudes toward technology on human-robot interactions

Design-based research + -

The project will follow a design-based research approach using short, iterative design cycles.

Research Question 1: How effective is GerminatorBot-19 in fostering cooperation with COVID-19 public health measures in secondary and college students?

Research Question 2: What role do individual characteristics and attitudes toward technology play in secondary and college students’ engagement with GerminatorBot-19?

The Team + -

The team ATR EDU (ATR Lab & EduTech @ Kent State) team is currently lead by Saifuddin Mahmud, and is composed of a mix of graduate students and undergraduate students with diverse background (software engineering, mechatronics, fashion design, educational technology, early childhood education). The team is under lead supervision of Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim (director of the ATR Lab), Dr. Elena Novak (Associate Professor in Educational Technology) and Dr. Shannon Smith (Educational Robotics Curriculum Researcher and Teacher at New Philadelphia Highschool). A for a full list of all team members and advisors please see below.

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Our Vision: Context

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Our Vision: Approach

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Design Paradigm

Coactivity & Collaboration

Proactive Monitoring & Reactive Interfaces

Interaction Design

UI Flow and UX Design

Asset Design

Robot design

Robot Software

Unity 3D development

ATR_EDU – Kent State University

Our Team

Our team is composed on graduate and undergraduate students across multiple disciplines, including Computer Science, Mechatronics, Fashion Design and Education, as well as academic and idustry advisors.
Dr Jong-Hoon Kim
Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim
ATR EDU Lead Advisor, ATR Lab Director
Saifuddin Mahmud
AI / Vision Researcher
Parker Higgins
Robot Hardware Researcher
Nicholas Weber
Visual Block based Programming Researcher

Team Advisory Board

Dr Jong-Hoon Kim
Dr. Jong-Hoon Kim
ATR EDU Lead Advisor, ATR Lab Director
Dr. Elena Novak
ATR EDU Advisor, Associate Professor at Educational Technology
Dr. Shannon Smith
ATR EDU Advisor, Teacher at New Philadelphia Highschool