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My name is Paul Birkholtz, I’m a Digital Sciences major here at KSU. I have a lot of passion for the field of technology and a desire to bring design as well as science into my projects. I chose to apply to the ATR lab here at Kent so I could build something cool and expand my horizons as a scientist.


Studies Computer Science at Kent State University Studied Civil Engineering at Yonsei University, South Korea

Former Engineering Technician at PSI


Govinda Baweja

Govinda Baweja is a FAA Commercial Pilot License Holder (USA) with about 300 hours of flying experience. He also has Commercial Pilot Licenses from Canada and India. He also has been a very successful entrepreneur in aviation industry with his aviation academy helping students for DGCA CPL exams in New Delhi, India. Currently he is a junior at Kent State University majoring in Computer Science with a vision of combing both the fields together.


Melanie Nesteruk is a senior at Kent State University double majoring in Computer Science and Visual Journalism. She is interested in working for a media company after graduation and hopes to use her two degrees to help bring more technology into the field of journalism.


Gilson is studying Computer Science at Kent State University with a minor in Management. He loves all things programming and application development. Outside of work, he enjoys playing soccer, learning new languages, robotics and flying. Gilson’s future goals are to become a lead software developer and visit all the countries in the world.


Nick Letdara.  Pursuing Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science through Kent State University.