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Our focus is taking interactions between humans and robots to the next level and enhancing co-existence between them

Thank you for taking the time to look the different ways you can support our lab for our World Robot Summit 2020 venture in Fukushima!

The Advanced Telerobotics Research (ATR) Lab is focused on work related to advancing the field of telepresensce robotics and taking human robotics interaction to new heights. With all the projects we work on and the competitions we attend, we also aim to get a research component out of it so that we can use our work to contribute to the scientific community.

Our lab was the only one out of Ohio that is among the qualified contestants to attend WRS 2020 with a grant from the organizers. This will be our second attendance at a WRS, as our first was in Fall 2018, in Tokyo, Japan for WRS 2018. We also went to RoboCup 2019 in Sydney, Australia this summer and took part in their disaster response robotics and simulation challenges. By donating to the lab, you are providing us funds for anything from travel expenses to lab equipment that will help us prepare for WRS 2020 and Robocup 2020.

Currently, we are working with the telebot-2 that we have built for WRS 2018 and updated for RoboCup 2019. There is a lot of work left to be done to update the hardware for the new tasks and also the software.

Our donation goal currently is $20,000 which is the amount we need to ensure that we can go there and compete. Going over the goal will only help us further. Any amount contributed is appreciated, with different sponsorship milestones giving the sponsor different benefits. Details are listed below.

Lab Needs:

Seeking: $59,500

Travel Expenses (10 students, robot shipping and other cost)

ATR Kent challenge robot part and manufacturing ($100,000)

    • Secured $78,500
      • $65,000 from the ATR Lab funding
      • $10,500 from WRS orgainaztion (2018)
      • $2,000 from Ganini Mobile L.L.C.
      • $1,000 from Mr. Jeremy Robins
    • Seeking $21,500 support

Assorted lab equipment for boosting ATR lab resarch and developement

$30000 ( $2,500 per student and $5000 shipping and logistics support)



Sponsorship also gets the donor something in exchange, and we will detail the different thresholds and what they could get you as a sponsor below.

Donation amounts and their corresponding sponsor benefits:

Platinum Sponsor ($ 5,000 ~ )
  1. ATR Lab Plaque – Perpetual Panel with Plate
  2. Large Logo on ATR lab shirt and banner, company swag distributed during demo days/seminars/competitions
Gold Sponsor ($ 2,000 )
  1. Large Logo on ATR lab shirt and banner, company swag distributed during demo days/seminars/competitions
Silver Sponsor ($1000)
  1. Medium Sized logo on ATR lab shirt and banner
Bronze Sponsor ($500)
  1. Small Logo on back of ATR lab shirt and banner
Irvin Cardenas walking with tbot

Thank you to our sponsors!

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Ganini Mobile

Jeremy Robins