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The Advanced Tele-Robotics Research (ATR) Laboratory incorporates a selective and rigorous robotics program for undergraduate and graduate students that boasts a research-focused environment.


Platform For Creating New Ideas

The laboratory provides students with the hands-on experiences they need to solve real-world challenges, develops student-led research opportunities, fosters students’ entrepreneurial skills, and trains a new generation of IT professionals who reflect the diversity of North East Ohio.

Current Project

Immersed Pilot Training Simulator

The goals of our immersed pilot training simulator is to create an environment for student pilots that provides the experience of flying in the real world without putting an expensive aircraft at risk. Through our VR headset and realistic control panel, a student pilot will be able to maneuver a UAV through conditions in the real world, as opposed to in a fully simulated flight environment, testing a pilots ability to respond to unpredictable circumstances and problems.

Sketch & Design
Research & Analyze
Develop & Test


"The most amazing thing that one can do in his career is to create something amazing, something extra ordinary and that is what I got to learn in ATR lab under Dr. Kim's guidance".

Govinda Baweja


"The ATR Lab has been a great learning experience which has allowed me to play with a bunch of really cool Hardware and software. I've also been able to work with a lot of people with diverse backgrounds and skills who have turned into good friends. I couldn't have asked for a better use of my time".

Paul Birkholtz


"Working in ATR lab has been a rewarding and challenging experience".

Gilson Dos Santos


"Working in the ATR Lab has been a great experience to apply what I have learned in class. It's nice to work on something that I am interested in and learning about it outside of the classroom."

Nick Letdara