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Design of a Low Cost Emergency Response Bot

Justin Rodriguez1, Hunter Michko2, Marcos Vila3, Anthony Aguilar4, Jong-Hoon Kim5, Discovery Lab, Florida International University, U.S.A., 1 jjrodr206@gmail.com, 2 hmich008@fiu.edu, 3 mvila040@fiu.edu, 4 anthonyj.aguil@gmail.com, 5 kimj@cis.fiu.edu, (Tel: 1- 305-348-3751, Fax: 1-305-348-3549)

ABSTRACT In the light of the Sandy Hook elementary shooting and the subsequent shootings that preceded the tragic event this paper explores robots of different designs and purposes followed by the proposal of an Emergency Response Bot (ERB). A robot designed to be an immediate first responder for small fires and attacks on school campuses while being developed inexpensively to be affordable for schools. The architecture for the Emergency Response Bot is described in detail, which makes use of a flexible wireless network connection between the robot and the user to enable full remote control of all the ERB’s functions. Experimentation displays that the concept of the ERB’s is feasibly possible as well as revealed some needed future improvements to its conceptual design.