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Autonomous pipeline monitoring and
maintenance system: a RFID-based approach

Jong-Hoon Kim1, Gokarna Sharma2*, Noureddine Boudriga3, S.S. Iyengar1 and Nagarajan Prabakar1


Pipeline networks are one of the key infrastructures of our modern life. Proactive monitoring and frequent inspection
of pipeline networks are very important for sustaining their safe and efficient functionalities. Existing monitoring and
maintenance approaches are costly and inefficient because pipelines can be installed in large scale and in an
inaccessible and hazardous environment. To overcome these challenges, we propose a novel Radio Frequency
IDentification (RFID)-based Autonomous Maintenance system for Pipelines, called RAMP, which combines robotic,
sensing, and RFID technologies for efficient and accurate inspection, corrective reparation, and precise geo-location
information. RAMP can provide not only economical and scalable remedy but also safe and customizable solution.
RAMP also allows proactive and corrective monitoring and maintenance of pipelines. One prominent advantage of
RAMP is that it can be applied to a large variety of pipeline systems including water, sewer, and gas pipelines.
Simulation results demonstrate the feasibility and superior performance of RAMP in comparison to the existing
pipeline monitoring systems.