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ImmersiFLY: Next Generation of Immersive Pilot Training

Irvin Steve Cardenas, Chaisay Nicholas Letdara, Brian Selle, and Jong-Hoon Kim* Advanced Tele-robotics Research Laboratory Department of Computer Science Kent State University, Kent, USA irvin@irvincardenas.com, cletdara@kent.edu, bselle@kent.edu, jkim72@kent.edu

Abstract— After a considerable amount of simulation-based training, pilots still often encounter anxiety and tension during their first flight. Much of this can be traced back to the lack of realism in virtual simulators. Such simulators are meant to allow the trainee to become acquainted with the aircraft’s instrumentation and to get a sense of real flight. Unfortunately, existing simulators do not provide a fully immersive experience of an actual flight. In this paper, we propose a merged reality flight simulation system that is immersive and that bridges the gap between flight training through a virtual simulator and real-world flight. Through our system, pilots achieve more realistic flight training and are able to feel more comfortable and confident during their first flight.