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Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle Assisted WSN-based Border Surveillance

Sarra Berrahal∗, Jong-Hoon Kim∔, Slim Rekhis∗, Noureddine Boudriga∗, Deon Wilkins∔, and Jaime Acevedo∔ ∗Communication Networks and Security Research Lab., University of Carthage, Tunisia. ∔Discovery lab, Florida International University, USA. berrahal.sarra@gmail.com, kimj@cis.fiu.edu, slim.rekhis@gmail.com, noure.boudriga2@gmail.com, dwilk014@fiu.edu, jacev030@fiu.edu


Abstract—We develop in this paper a novel border surveillance solution, composed of a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) deployed terrestrially to detect and track trespassers, and a set of lightweight unmanned a quadcopters that interact with the deployed WSN to improve the border surveillance, the detection and investigation of network failures, the maintenance of the network, and the response to hostage situations. In this paper, together with the design of the proposed VTail quadcopter, we develop powerless techniques to accurately locate terrestrial sensors using RFID technology, compute the optimal positions of the new sensors to drop, relay data between isolated islands of nodes, and wake up sensors to track intruders. A simulation is conducted to evaluate the proposal.