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Standardized Linearization and Vectorization Algorithm for Arm Motion Control of A Humanoid Telepresence Robot

Michael Waddell, Joel Villasuso, Daniela ChavezGuevera, and Jong-Hoon Kim Discovery Lab, School of Computing and Information Sciences Florida International University, Miami, FL 33199 USA kimj@cis.fiu.edu


Abstract– Recently, the new motion sensor: the Kinect is being used for natural motion retrieval with no additional equipment on the operator, less computational demand, and it is cost effective. But many restrictions apply because the results retrieved from the Kinect include noisy data which disturbs precise and smooth robot motion control. We propose a simple linearization algorithm to improve the accuracy of the data retrieved from the Kinect and designed a vectorization algorithm for converting positions of an operator’s skeleton in three dimensions to robot motions. In this paper, we provide the algorithm and its implementation. Furthermore, we demonstrate the performance of the algorithm using the prototype robot.