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Sensor Network Based Parking Management System

Nagarajan Prabakar, Jong-Hoon Kim, Uwe Cerron, and S. Sitharama Iyengar School of Computing and Information Sciences Florida International University Miami, FL 33199, USA

Abstract: Large institutions such as universities, companies, etc. face parking shortage problems due to the increase in number of vehicles and the limited availability of parking spaces. At the peak time of work, invariably all parking spaces will be taken and newly arriving vehicles will be searching for a vacant parking space in the entire parking facility without any clue. The frustration and loss of time for people looking for parking spaces are the major issues. In addition, this wastes lots of fuel and increases the probability for accidents. The proposed parking information system with distributed sensors will monitor the status of a parking facility and will provide a real-time status summary online. Drivers can access the status summary prior to arriving at the parking lot using smartphones or computers, or through displays at the parking entrance. Further, the frequency and parking duration of each vehicle can be tracked to improve infrastructure security. Other potential applications include effective monitoring and management of air travelers, conference attendees, and visitors in any major facility.