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ATR Lab – From Saving Time to Saving Lives

Our focus is on taking the safety and utility of robots to the next level and improving their interactions with humans.

Your donation will help our undergraduate and graduate students travel to Bordeaux, France this summer (July 04-10, 2023) to compete in the RoboCup Rescue and RoboCup@Home competitions.

Kent State University ATR Lab Fundraiser 2023


From Saving Time to Saving Lives




For this year’s challenge, we propose the TeleBot 3D disaster robot. The robot is a special design for search and rescue tasks in diverse and abnormal environments. It combines a hybrid of a caterpillar and wheel based mobile base with an advanced humanoid upper body. It also gives an operator maximized situation awareness through a VR-based user-view interface containing a flexible and intuitive control interface.

For this challenge, we will be participating in the Social Standard Platform League (SSPL). In the SSPL there is a particular focus on making interactions with the robot feel natural and fluid. In order to remove hardware constraints, all competitors must use the SoftBank Pepper robot. As such, we are working on a HRI system to promote the goal of natural interaction while maintaining utility.